It's time for a change.

You're tired.

You're tired of building a brand that doesn't seem personable. You're tired of regurgitating the same jargon you've seen on countless articles you found on Pinterest. You're ready to touch the lives of others with YOUR words and YOUR stories.

You know people relate to people, and that's what you want for your readers. You want them to know your expertise is in fact based on your experiences, and not because of something you heard or read about. 

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place. 

Like you, I started building my online presence to motivate, inspire and help others. Unfortunately, after deciding to turn my love for words into a business, I fell into the trap that so many others have: I started writing about what seemed popular and I got lost in the mix. I forgot what my vision and truths were and it became difficult to connect with and generate content for my readers. 

How did I turn things around?

By using the art of journaling to engage in self-discovery. 

After a series of events, I realized my love for journaling and self-discovery could be used to generate relevant content that helps me relate to my readers and meet their needs.

That's what the #WriteReflectCreate challenge is all about--

helping writers, bloggers, and creative coaches use self-discovery to create authentic content that relates to their readers and helps solve their problems. 

write reflect create writing challenge

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for you if...

  • you struggle to create content for your readers.
  • you struggle to infuse your personal experiences in your writing.
  • you enjoy engaging in self-discovery.
  • you love writing / journaling. 

This challenge lasts from October 17 - November 6. Here's what we'll do each week:

You will complete one writing prompt per day for six days. At the end of the week, you will reflect on what you wrote each day and find themes or ideas for valuable content you can create for your readers. Each week has a different theme for the prompts:

Week One: How do you view yourself? 

Week Two: How do you respond to the way others view you? 

Week Three: What is your view of the world and the people in it? 

What's a challenge without community, right? 

For the entire challenge, you'll share snippets of or your entire prompt in our Facebook group. I also encourage you to share on Twitter using the hashtag #WriteReflectCreate. This will make it easier to connect with fellow participants, provide insights, and encourage one another. 

What do you need to participate?

All you need to participate is a journal, a pen, and your favorite beverage! So, if you're ready to join a group of awesome writers and create some authentic and relevant content for your readers, then register for the #WriteReflectCreate challenge now!

Registration closes at 11 p.m. EST on October 15th.

Don't miss out on the chance to connect with other writers and finally create authentic content that meets the needs of your readers! Register now!