What is love?

When we’re kids, you’re sold into this fairy tale of what love is...and it’s so different than that.
— Jennifer Lopez

Oftentimes, we're led to believe love is simply a feeling we cannot control. Or that it's a part of life we should expect to receive abundantly, but rarely be asked to give.

There are so many stereotypes surrounding love. Whether we realize it or not, these stereotypes and beliefs indoctrinated within us have shaped every relationship we've ever been a part of. 

From April 17-30th, we're going to use journaling to explore these indoctrinations regarding self-love and the way we love others. We're going to learn why we love the way we do. Most importantly, we're going to shatter illusions and boldly create our truths.

Join us in our private Facebook group for two weeks of exploration and personal growth.


What to expect

  • Daily journal prompts from April 17-30th
  • Reflection questions at the end of each week
  • Weekly e-letters which include a list of all prompts
  • A safe group to share your writing and questions should you desire engagement with like-minded individuals

Who is this for?

  • individuals who seek self-discovery
  • individuals who want to create their own truths about love
  • writers looking for inspiration to create authentic content

*At the end of our two weeks, our Facebook group will be closed and will re-open in October for our next Write.Reflect.Create. session.


Your hostess

Hey! I'm Ja'Quette' (juh-kweh-tuh), but in the online world, I go by J. I'm an Earl Grey tea lover and a firm believer in using your words and stories to help others. I love helping women create authentic content and use writing to heal and engage in personal growth. I'm excited to have you as a part of this challenge and can't wait to see you inside the group!