Face Your Fears Virtual Writing Workshop

Face Your Fears Virtual Writing Workshop


let's be honest.

Writing and publishing your work for strangers all over the globe to see is scary and exciting. You just have to be willing to cling more to the exciting part. If not, fear can stop you from reaching your fullest potential and shining bright like the diamond that you are. And that's no bueno, friend. 

No need to worry, though. Together, we're going to tackle your fears through writing prompts and honest, open dialogue in the Face Your Fears Writing Workshop. 

This virtual writing workshop is for you if:

-You’re tired of allowing fear to stop you from reaching your goals.
-You’re ready to dig deeper into why fear has held you back.
-You’re ready to be the writer you’re supposed to be + transform the lives of many. 

If you're ready to explore your fears head on while bonding with writers like yourself, I invite you to join us on Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 5 p.m. EST for the Face Your Fears Virtual Writing Workshop! If you're not able to make it live, that's okay. You'll receive a copy of the replay so you can catch up on what you missed. (No writer left behind, right?)

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab your ticket while they last. (To maintain a level of intimacy, only 10 tickets will be available.) Use code EARLYFYF through February 14th for a $5 discount!

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