Writer Interview Series with Stephanie Bwabwa

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Oftentimes, entrepreneurs are advised to separate their faith from their business. This is largely done because some individuals believe any mention of religious preferences can deter potential clients. Have you ever dealt with this issue? Do you feel mentioning your faith limits your audience potential? Copywriter, author, freelancer and infopreneur, Stephanie Bwabwa discusses with us her writing journey and why she gave herself permission to write mix both her faith and love for storytelling. Check out her interview below and let us know what you think.


Some of my takeaways from this interview include:

"I'm not technically trained, so I'm not good enough."  -Stephanie Bwabwa

One of the biggest lies a writer can believe is one where she doesn't think her craft is "good enough" to be written and/or shown to others. This lie is usually coupled with a comparison. There are so many talented writers, and if we're not careful, we may find ourselves thinking we must change to be like other writers. You are good enough to share your story, friend. If you think you could benefit from a study on syntax, sentence structure or the like, then I encourage you to read books centered around these topics. Just don't wait until you feel like your story is "perfect" to share. Of course, we want you to put your best foot forward, but remember the old saying, "Done is better than perfect". You can also hire an editor to really polish your work.

There are authors who turned me into a reader, which made me want to become a storyteller. -Stephanie Bwabwa

I always find it fascinating when someone who wasn't a reader becomes one. How fantastic is it to find a writer who makes you realize the awesome, creative worlds you were missing out on?! Everyone knows good writers read. If you're struggling to find the right books, don't give up, friend! It is easy to think that as writers, we must produce, produce, produce. However, we must also make time to read the works created by our fellow writers. By doing so, we can learn techniques we'd like to experiment with. Who knows? Our experimenting may cause a young child (or adult) who claims to "hate reading" become a voracious reader! 

Whether you think you're qualified or not, your story needs to be told. -Stephanie Bwabwa

Society sometimes puts more focus on titles and awards. This can make some writers feel they aren't qualified to write and share their story. However, this is far from the truth. We don't need to have a doctorate in English. We need to simply share our stories. If you're holding back because you think you need an expensive piece of paper or letters behind your name before publishing or starting that blog, think again! Don't allow anything to hold you back from sharing your work. 

What about you? What really resonated with you in this interview? 

I encourage you to listen to the interview and share your takeaways below in the comments. Also, don't forget to follow Stephanie on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest at @stephaniebwabwa. You can also learn more about her upcoming books on her website at www.stephaniebwabwa.com.                                                                                                                       

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