Writer Interview Series with Trisha Alicia

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We are kicking off our May I? Writer Interview Series with gospel recording artist, Trisha Alicia. Trisha is a phenomenal singer, songwriter and spoken word artist. She released her debut album, Pieces, last year, and plans to continue songwriting, and integrating spoken word into more of her future albums. 

Trisha shared SO many gems with me about the importance of forming your identity, improving your mindset, strengthening your creative muscle, and finding your writing community. 

Some of my personal takeaways from this interview were:

"We want to be the person we aspire to be, and the artists we hear on the radio, but we don't know what those artists had to go through." -Trisha Alicia

Regardless of what genre you prefer, there is always the thought that your journey would really take off if you were more like so and so. I challenge you to walk in YOUR gift. It is okay to admire others, but do not feel the need to be a carbon copy. That's not who you were called to be. 

"As long as you're not in it for the hand clap, you'll be okay." -Trisha Alicia

If I can be real with you, friend, I had a problem with waiting on some hand claps. Writing is personal and it means a great deal to a writer when their audience resonates with their content. I used to think I should just put away my pen if I didn't have enough hand claps or pats on the back. Trust me, I quickly learned this was not the kind of mentality I needed to have. Yes, it's an incredible feeling to have applause, but we cannot base our worth on what reactions we see from others. 

"Everyone is on this journey together." -Trisha Alicia

Most of us have at least one person we're a little star struck over. Sometimes, if we aren't careful, we may think our beloved star is exempt from tests and trials. This is simply untrue, friend. Everyone has highs and lows--regardless of their status, bank account, and even their years of having a relationship with God. We are all learning and growing together. 

I had SO many more takeaways, but I don't want to spoil the interview! Listen to this awesome woman of God talk about her journey and where she sees herself in the near future. Then, share with us your takeaways in the comments below.


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