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As children, it is easy to believe we can do any and everything--including fly in the clouds like Superman. However, as we get older, we tend to rely heavily on what others think about us. Little by little, we slowly lose that boldness and confidence in our abilities to pursue our passions. If we're not careful, we can even think we're not qualified to pursue our dreams. Alisha Nicole shares with us her writer journey and how she learned the key to being successful begins with your mindset. Go ahead and grab your pen and paper to take notes. You'll be glad you did!

Some of my takeaways from Alisha's interview:

"If God gave me this [book] idea, then He clearly thinks I'm qualified to do it." -Alisha Nicole

So many writers in this series have mentioned feeling unqualified to write. I have certainly felt the same, and allowed this feeling to stop me from producing content I know will benefit others. While I do value education (I am an educator after all!), I am a firm believer that God qualifies the unqualified. Even if you didn't go to school for a writing-related profession, you can still be a writer. It doesn't hurt to study your craft on your own or through taking classes. However, if you've been feeling a nudge to write a specific book, then go for it! You've been given that idea for a reason and you need to write about it and share it.

Don't consume so much to the point where you can't focus on your own work. -Alisha Nicole

I believe inspiration is all around us, but there comes a time when every writer must put away the works from our writer soulmates and simply CREATE. I have been a victim of information overload, my friend, and trust me. It's not cool. Sometimes, consuming too much information can cause you to doubt the necessity of your work. It can also cause you to change your writing style or topics. Indulge, my friend, in the great writing pieces of your favorite writers. However, don't lose sight of your goldmine.

Come up with your own writing process. -Alisha Nicole

Every writer is unique. The processes that work for one writer may not work for another--including the writing process. Some writers schedule their writing time, while others don't. There is no need to stress yourself over keeping up with a writing schedule that works for someone else's life. You may not have 4 hours to devote to writing everyday. That's okay. Focus on the quality of your sessions. Stay focused and in the words of Alisha, "Do you, boo!"

What about you? What were your takeaways from the interview? Comment below!

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