Writer Interview Series with Angela J. Ford

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Writing a book is an adventure. There are highs and lows every writer experiences during the writing and publishing process. Some awful experiences cause writers to abandon their publishing dreams, but not Angela J. Ford. She encountered several setbacks that would have made many of us question our goal. Yet, she persevered. Find out what those setbacks were and how she overcame them by watching the interview below!

Some of my takeaways from this interview:

"I'm glad I wrote those stories down [when I was younger] because it really helps to go back and look at them."                         - Angela J. Ford

How I wish I had kept my journals and stories from my younger days, too! As writers, we can't get caught up in producing new material from scratch all the time. I'm sure we have way more gems in our old material (published and unpublished) than we realize. It doesn't matter if it was from our childhood or from last week. Sometimes our perspective changes as we get older, and this could lead to new content. 

"You have to get past the fact that people are going to judge your work." -Angela J. Ford

No one likes to be judged. Am I right? However, as a creative, it is inevitable. Everyone is going to judge our work. We can't allow a few (or many) negative critiques to stop us from getting our work in the hands of our beloved readers. What we can do is use the constructive criticism to improve our future works. All other negativity should be tossed out with the trash. 

You have to be confident in who you are in writing. -Angela J. Ford

Confidence is so clutch for creatives--especially us writers. There is always temptation to mimic the greats and those with large followings. However, we can shine brightest when we give ourselves permission to carve our own path. Each experience should strengthen us. It should also increase our confidence in our ability to write and create a spark of hope and excitement for our readers. 

What about you? What did you takeaway from Angela's interview? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

You can follow Angela on Twitter @aford21 for news regarding her upcoming releases. And don't forget to snag a copy (or two!) of her latest book, The Blended Ones. You can also keep up with Angela and learn how to successfully launch your next book on her site, www.angelajford.com

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