4 Ways to Beat Writer's Block

Stock photo courtesy of CreateHerStock

Stock photo courtesy of CreateHerStock

Writer’s block. 

It’s something many of us writers have experienced at one time or another. You may have been waiting all day long to get home and whip out your favorite pen--only to find that your creativity has gone on vacation without leaving a note. 

Why? For Pete’s sake, why?!

Well, friend, there are a lot of reasons, and we’ll get into that another day. In the meantime, let’s be proactive and talk about some ways you can beat that old writer’s block. 

Sometimes, when I’m in a creative funk, it helps to change my scenery. Yep. If you’re a mom like me, you can grab your kiddos and head out to the library. While your young scholars are looking for books of their own, you can find a spot and at least jot down a list of ideas to write about later. If you’re able to get away from everyone, sneak out to Starbucks (my personal fav!) or your favorite café. You’d be surprised at how a different environment will allow your brain to start generating new content ideas. 

While you’re out, you should also consider getting in a little bit of cardio. That’s right, friend. There’s nothing like a good sweaty workout to stimulate the brain. According to NYMag’s Science is Us, neuroscientists have proven that running is the magic pill for breaking through that creative funk. Apparently, when you run, your blood flow increases, which means you have more energy and oxygen to think clearly. I bet you’re ready to pull out those running shoes now!

While you’re getting “so fresh and so clean” (as OutKast would say), you could crank up that music. Yep. Shake your groove thang, friend, and let the melodies encourage you to write about your newfound inspirations. Feel the emotion in the singer’s voice, listen to the lyrics, and let the music massage your neurons. Try listening to different genres and see where your creativity takes you. Certain songs may remind you about a past time or lesson you learned. Use these memories to inspire you to write something meaningful for your readers. 

Now, I know this last tip may rock your world because we writers have a reputation for living in solitude. Yet, I dare cross the line and suggest you actually make conversation with someone. If you’ve been stuck on a piece that needs some dialogue, use your conversations as a way to generate content ideas. Now, don’t go off using revealing information. Have some decency to respect privacy, okay? The point is, your conversations can spark so much creativity--including a different perspective you never considered. And that, my friend, could be worthy of writing about.

There are plenty of additional ways to generate ideas for your next article, guest post, or even your book baby that’s ready to be birthed. In my upcoming Create & Engage Writer’s Workshop, writers can expect to learn:

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If you need help creating engaging content for your readers, then this is the workshop for you! Unlike many other workshops and webinars, this event is interactive. So come ready to listen, learn, and write! To keep this event intimate, I am limiting it to the first 10 participants. Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. EST on April 8th. Click here to learn more and grab your seat. 

Writer's block. It's something we all have encountered at some point. In this workshop, writers will learn how to generate content ideas, write from a place of authenticity, and engage their readers.

What techniques have been most helpful to you when creating new content for your readers? Let us know in the comments below!