13 Must-Have Gifts for Writers + How YOU Can Earn the Friend of the Year Award

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I see you, friend. You’re scratching your head as you ponder about what you’re gifting those special writers in your life. You don’t want to get the usual notebook and pen (although, who can resist another cute notebook and pen?). 

That’s why I’m here. I’m bringing you 13 gift ideas that are sure to knock the socks off any writer and earn you that coveted Friend of the Year Award. 

#1 New books

What writer doesn’t like to read? That’s why you’re gonna score big when you present your friend with that book they haven’t made time to purchase yet. You know, the one they’ve been meaning to get for forever. Let me suggest, however, that you’ll walk away with the Friend of the Year Award by also gifting an awesome new read by some crazy talented indie authors, too. Grab the first book in Angela J. Ford’s Four World Series or Stephanie Bwabwa’s TheAwakening if you know your friend needs a little adventure in her life. Or if your friend needs a bit of inspiration or encouragement to continue writing and pursuing her dream, grab a copy of Alisha Nicole Robertson’s Living Over Existing.  

#2 Online E-Book Subscriptions

So, your friend is the type to simply buy whatever new reads she wants when she wants them, huh? That’s okay. You can still purchase a Kindle Unlimited subscription for her so she can choose whatever book tickles her fancy. She gets choices, and you get the satisfaction of knowing your friend will actually use your gift. 

#3 Monthly Book Box Subscription

You know your friend like the back of your hand. That’s why you’ve been searching for the latest good reads by writers of color. Of course, your friend will read any good book she can grab, but writers of color hold a special place in her heart. Since you’re working on that Friend of the Year Award, it’s time you pull out all the stops. Why not pay for a monthly lit box subscription that highlights writers of color? That’s exactly what My Lit Box provides to readers. Each month, readers receive a new book written by a writer of color, in addition to one or two writer-related items. How cool is that?

#4 Writing Prompt Book

Write Reflect Create Mock Up.png

Listen, your friend can only consume so much. You’ve got to encourage and nudge her to get to writing that new book already! What better way to do that than by gifting her a writing prompt book? Write. Reflect. Create. is a writing prompt book filled with 250 prompts for creative and introspective writers. There are 75 one-word prompts, 75 prompt phrases, 50 story starters, and 50 introspective questions. Your friend is bound to find the inspiration she needs to finally put some words on the page with this writing prompt book. 

#5 Mugs

just journal it pencil mug

If your friend is anything like the average writer, she’s gonna need a beverage to keep her going during her writing sessions. Don’t just buy her the coffee or tea, though. She deserves to drink in style. Why not order a stylish mug like these


#6 Music subscription

Now that your friend has some new books on the way and a stylish new mug, you’ve got to find a way to keep her spirits up as she’s writing. That’s where you come in. You can purchase a music subscription from Spotify or Tidal to help your friend create the perfect scene in her novel or short story. 

#7 Apparel

PUrchase your tee at www.permissiontowrite.com/shop. 

PUrchase your tee at www.permissiontowrite.com/shop. 

What can I say? Comfort has a way of bringing out the best creative juices. Whether it’s a pair of sweats or a tee, I’m sure your writer friend will be filled with glee when she sees her new writer-inspired apparel from you. Check out this tee inspired by the G.O.A.T.S. of the literary world. 

#8 Jewelry

There is a misconception that we writers only live for sweats (who can pass up comfort?). However, I will have you know that writers like to look nice, too. This means you should consider looking at some new jewelry, friend. The cool thing about ordering jewelry from places like the Keep Collective is that you can customize the items. Get creative and gift your friend a bracelet with a cute tagline from her blog or book. 

#9 Bookscents

Your writer friend is on the verge of releasing her book (yay!). Now’s your chance to show her how much you deserve the Friend of the Year Award. Why not pay for your friend to have a custom candle scent made in honor of her new book? Think about it. A custom candle scent. Who else can top that idea, huh? Head on over to Book Scents Candles and check out how you can help your friend create a memorable book launch experience with this unique gift. 

#10 Stock Photography Subscription

Writers who blog don’t always have time to scout the interwebs for images that align with their blog posts and brand. That’s where you come in. You can purchase a monthly stock photography subscription to help your writer friend use professional photos that make their brand pop. Many companies provide this kind of service. A few of my favorites are Create Her Stock and Ivory Mix

#11 Social Media Scheduler Subscription

Look, it takes a lot of work to run a blog or book launch campaign successfully. Writers want to maximize their promotion efforts, but the truth is, they can’t be everywhere simultaneously! Promoting is literally a full-time job. Here’s how you’re gonna save the day. You’re going to swoop in like the superhero you are and pay for a monthly social media scheduler subscription. Why? Because with social media schedulers like SmarterQueue, your friend will be able to spend more time doing what she loves: writing. SmarterQueue allows users to loop their content, which is AH-MAZING for us writers. Your friend won’t have to spend 10+ hours per week scheduling out her content anymore. This means you get to sport your Friend of the Year Award as you two sip a cup of hot chocolate--you know, with all that new free time she has.

#12 Graphic Design Program*

Believe it or not, many writers create their own social media graphics. It’s not always feasible to pay a designer for every single image you need for your blog, book, or social media accounts. That’s why writers like myself look for easy-to-use graphic design programs. Of course, you’ve got your Adobe products like InDesign and Photoshop that the pros use. However, you also have providers like Snappa and Canva that provide a platform for users to create professional-looking graphics and workbooks with less of a learning curve and a smaller monthly investment. Since you’re positioning yourself as the recipient of the Friend of the Year Award, go ahead and snag a class or online course to teach your friend the ins and outs of any of these graphic programs. You could also offer to pay for a monthly subscription for any of these programs, too. 

#13 Hire Professional Services

Here it is. The BIG Kahuna of all gifts. Gifting your writer friend professional services for her business will surely earn you that Friend of the Year Award. Check out which services your friend may need.

Book Outline Coach

Your friend loves writing and may even have her own blog. However, she’s not too sure how to move beyond blog writing and actually create a book. She’s got ideas for what she wants to write about, but she needs help organizing those ideas and structuring them into the coherent roadmap or outline she desperately needs. That’s where a Book Outline Coach comes into play. A Book Outline Coach will help your friend get the clarity, motivation, and encouragement she needs to finally write and publish that masterpiece she’s been sitting on for far too long. You don’t have to look too far for this kind of coach either. Check out my services here.


If your friend is writing a book, she’ll be in the market for an editor to professionally polish her masterpiece. There are different types of editors who appeal to different genres and editing needs. Here are some incredibly dope editors to meet your writer friend’s needs: R’Chelle Lynn, Tamika Sims of Ink Pen Diva, and Kendra Applewhite of Kym Writes. 

Business Coach

If your writer friend wants to move from personal writing to building her writing empire, she’s going to need some help from someone who knows how to do this. Take my friend, Alisha Nicole, for example. She’s helped me figure out how to transition from being a personal blogger to becoming a book outline coach for nonfiction writers, among other things. Trust me. I would not recommend someone I didn’t think could help your friend get her ducks in a row. Check out Alisha’s services here

Virtual Assistant

Listen, we hear so often how we (women, in particular) can do it all. I just want to say it’s important to have help when trying to meet our writing goals. We can certainly try to do it all, but we will not have the same level of effect as we would with help. Virtual assistants are like fairy godmothers who come along to take care of those tasks that take away from what we writers love doing the most: writing. Just like any other professional, each virtual assistant has strengths and limitations. Depending on what your writer friend’s needs, you’ll know what kind of virtual assistant you can hire to help her with building a social media presence or even marketing her upcoming book and services. There are lots of bomb dot com virtual assistants out there. You may even want to tell your friend what you’re planning on doing and have her shop around with you.

Now that you’ve read through this list, you can’t tell me you won’t earn that coveted Friend of the Year Award. You’ve got all the ideas you need. All you need to do now is make your selections and deliver those goodies to your writer friend!

*This article contains affiliate links. There is no extra cost to you should you decide to purchase; however, I will earn a small commission. 

Which gift(s) do you think you'd purchase for your friend or for yourself? Which items would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.