Writers Who Journal - part 2

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What did you want to be when you were a child? Oftentimes, those of us who wanted to be a writer met opposition from those we love. We were told to look for a more profitable career. We were told writing wasn't a calling, but instead, a hobby.

Today's guest, Dena Rodgers of Grace in the Crossroads of Life, has a similar story. In this interview, Dena takes us through her journey of writing to document ideas, cope with life, create public writing pieces, and reflect on events that transpired in her life. I especially love Dena's words of advice for writers who journal: be honest, be flamboyant, be fearless. We also talked about what writers can do if they fear being honest when journaling. 

Check out Dena's journey and advice on how to improve your life and writing through journaling in our interview below!


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Featured writing piece referenced in our interview: The Gift of Grace 

Email: sweetd.ahc@gmail.com
Twitterhttps://twitter.com/SweetD_AHC & https://twitter.com/gracexroadslife

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