The Risky Move I Knew I Had to Make

the risky move I knew I had to make

When you begin anything new, there are challenges you will encounter. This also applies to creating a brand and business. Oftentimes, it is easy to get caught up in doing what's popular--all because you hope the work you've labored over tirelessly will get noticed, too. 

This month, I decided to take a risk and go against what many gurus have suggested. I'm going to be an individual and follow my path. Why? Because I am tired of trying to shape my writing and business pursuits after the vision of others. After all, how can I live up to my core values of authenticity, confidence, and creativity if I'm just walking in the shadows of someone else?

 Watch the short clip below to see what that risk is and why I decided to take it. 


What risk have you secretly been wanting to take, but haven't? Comment below!