Are You Ready to Dare to Live Your Dreams?

Are You Ready to Dare to Live Your Dreams

I had the distinct pleasure and honor of interviewing Amazon best-selling author, Natasha 'Tottie' Weston, also known as The Motivation Maven. Natasha is not only an author but a motivational speaker, television personality, a mother, a student, and an entrepreneur.  She wears so many hats, but she manages to keep pushing herself to go after her dreams. That is exactly what her new book, Dare to Live Your Dreams is all about. If you've been sitting on your dreams, it's time now to act upon them. In this exclusive interview, Natasha shares her inspiration behind her new book as well as tips on how you can start living your dreams! Watch the interview below and comment with your biggest takeaway. 



You can grab your autographed copy of Natasha's newest book, Dare to Live Your Dreams from her site, Don't forget to follow her on all social media @officialtottie for motivation, inspiration, and tips on how to take your business to the next level. 

What was your biggest takeaway from the interview? Are you ready to take the dare?