What Does Success Look Like to You?

If you’re anything like me, you probably started your business because you wanted the freedom to use your gifts and talents on your own terms, and to help as many people as possible. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Until you start looking at other entrepreneurs, that is. You see, observing what other lady bosses are doing can be a good or bad thing. I’ll tell you why.


1. You could lose focus of your own biz goals.

When you’re starting your biz from scratch, it can be beneficial and educational to look at how other lady bosses are holding it down. I mean, how else are you going to learn, right? You’re a newbie. So, soaking in as much great content as possible from these rock stars seems like the best strategy to help you find direction--at first.

I truly understand your overwhelm and frustrations, friend. Trust me. You don’t want to make any mistakes that could cost you your blog readership or potential clients. Yet, the danger in binging on so much content from “the gurus” is that you can become convinced that you need to pursue what “the big shots” are telling you to do. Now, don’t get me wrong, darling. The “pros” are pros for a reason. They have personally experienced some things that may help save you time and money in your biz. However, if you aren’t careful, you may forget about answering the one important question about your blog or biz: what’s your why? What are your goals?

what does success look like to you

You see, if you still aren’t quite sure what you want to do as a business, blog, etc., then there’s a possibility you could even fall victim to the infamous S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome) like I did. The S.O.S. is basically when you feel the need to chase behind every product (free or paid) created by your beloved shero. You feel like if you don’t invest in X product, then you’re going to miss out on the answer to your prayers and your blog or biz will unfortunately be doomed to fail.

Now, I’m not saying these products aren’t beneficial, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t invest in yourself. However, you first need to establish what it is exactly that you want. What would make you feel successful in your blog or biz? Many gurus will flash big numbers regarding their sales and list size. Yet, do you really need their results to feel successful? There is nothing wrong with having a huge list or a ton of sales (we all have bills, right?). Yet, I just want you to know that if having a list of 50 engaged people and making an extra $500 a month makes you feel successful, then by all means, don’t feel you need to chase after the same results as anyone else.

2. You could fall into "the comparison trap".

When you’re just starting out as a blogger or any other kind of creativepreneur, you may be tempted to compare yourself and what you’re doing to the awesome lady bosses who are seriously crushing things in their biz--I know I did. When I began my journey as an entrepreneur, I put myself in a prison of some sort because I felt I had to do business like the other successful lady bosses that I came across. I felt like I had to use their voice and I had to use their tactics in order to build a loyal following and to generate the income that I need to help support my family.

Yet, I have learned that I do not have to define success in my business based upon how great someone else does in their business. Here’s a pro tip for you from yours truly: Determine what success means to you. Comparing yourself to other bloggers and biz owners will stunt your growth and hinder you from walking in your purpose. Besides, it’s really unfair to compare yourself to someone who has probably been doing things longer than you. I remember hearing Maya Elious, a phenomenal brand strategist, speak during a virtual summit she hosted. One thing in particular she said really stuck with me: “You can’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the newness of being a blogger or any other kind of creativepreneur, just remember that it’s important to know your goals and to refrain from comparing yourself to anyone else. Know that your goals don’t have to match anyone else’s, and know you can be comfortable being YOU. Don’t let anyone define what success looks like to you and your blog or biz. 

With that said, what does success look like to you for your blog or biz?

If you’re struggling to figure out what success means and looks like to you, then grab this free worksheet to help you figure it out.