6 Lady Bosses I Love That Are Crushing It In Their Biz

I started my entrepreneurial journey in the summer of 2015. I had no clue what I was doing (and to be honest, I’m still learning). I knew I wanted to finally start working for myself, but I really needed some guidance. This wasn’t completely new territory for me, but since I didn’t make it as a Mary Kay lady, a pre-paid legal representative or a Quixtar rep for that matter, I figured it was time to seek out the big guns. I wanted to get it right this time around.

So, I asked my Facebook pals if anyone knew of a female entrepreneur that could be a mentor to me. A few names were suggested. I searched the ladies who were mentioned, and admit I felt kind of stalkerish. I mean, here I was scouring their Facebook pages and websites to see what they were about and if they seemed like they could really help me. I’m glad I asked for help, though, because it lead me to 6 lady bosses that I hope I am one day blessed enough to be in the same room with and share ideas!

Lady Boss #1

A friend of mine suggested a blogger she’d been following who was pretty helpful and inspirational to her. Now, truth be told, I can’t even remember who that particular lady was, but I do know that somehow I ended up on the site of an AH-MAZING female entrepreneur who is  seriously crushing it in her biz. Yes, ladies, I’m talking about Regina of byRegina! I mean, really, where do I start?

Regina really resonated with me because I saw SO much value in her blog posts, and she legit answered many of my questions as a semi-newbie to the league. I saw posts about how to create a blog business plan, a post about how to create a mini-course, and from there on I kept reading, and reading, and reading. Lo and behold, I just knew I had to subscribe to her email list. I mean, if she had so much good stuff in each blog, then I had to know what else she was doing. I was/am totally hooked! I was even fortunate enough to invest in one of her courses last year on creating e-courses. This course further solidified my love for Regina. Seriously, folks. I was not disappointed in my investment.

What I also love about Regina is that she truly lets her personality shine. She does not conform to the stuffy, nose in the air, entrepreneur personality I've seen quite a bit. Each online workshop she hosts lets her audience know she is a real person like us, who decided to take the plunge and make a living doing what she loves. Regina is definitely my image of hope, hope that I will one day reach the masses doing what I love, too.

Lady Boss #2

In the summer of 2015, I decided to try out this hot new app I kept hearing about--Periscope. When I taught high school, I remember my students telling me about it, but I couldn’t grasp its awesomeness at the time. Fortunately, I took the plunge and downloaded it. I don’t even know how it happened, but I somehow found my next lady boss crush: Maya Elious. She was talking about being an entrepreneur, her journey, and advice she had for those who wanted to start their journey, too. I mean, she was throwing out some serious knowledge, and I couldn’t believe how honest, confident, and business savvy she was. I wanted that. Confidence is definitely something I’ve improved on over the past few years, but I wanted to uplevel it even more, and Maya gave me hope that I just might be able to do that.

After watching just about every one of her scopes, I wanted more knowledge. So, I joined her email list, took her free e-course on finding your passion and purpose, and even invested in a few of her paid courses. After implementing some strategies I learned in her content creation course, I saw a spike in my readership and an increase in my blog followers. I was sold. I mean, I knew she knew her stuff, but after seeing her strategies work for me, too--what else could I say?

Lady Boss #3

This next lady boss is unique in that she is the only mompreneur on my list. Mattie James of Mattieologie (aka Maya’s big sis) really inspires me because she is confident, she’s not afraid to put herself out there, she’s knowledgeable, she’s real, and she doesn’t mind giving value to her audience.

I found Mattie through a scope she did with Maya, and I was immediately blown away. She had style, class, and she’s a wife, mother, and business woman! I’m sure all my moms reading this know what I’m talking about. I have struggled (and still do some days) with creating a style for myself that says “I’m a hot, stylish, intelligent, confident, working wife and mother.” Mattie is the example that it IS possible. It can be done, ladies.

What also blows my mind is that Mattie has her hands on multiple things, and she’s killing them all! Her sense of balance is incredible. I don’t know about you, but it can be really tough to balance a schedule when you’re a wife, mom, and business woman. I am definitely learning more and more each day what I can and cannot handle, but I also can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Mattie’s daily planner because it includes things that I haven’t seen elsewhere. For example, she has a spot to include what we’re wearing. That may sound silly to some, but trust me, it saves valuable time each morning knowing ahead of time even the smallest details.

Lady Boss #4

The next boss lady I found that I really like is none other than my very first business coach, Alisha Nicole! I found out about her from Maya. I kept seeing tweets between them, and one day, decided to check out her blog after deciding I liked what I saw on her Twitter account. I found her blog to be super helpful, and immediately decided to try out her free e-course on vision clarity. It was very helpful because I had been looking for the opportunity to gain some clarity in my vision for my business.

I decided to join her email list (just in time), and soon after, saw that she was doing a holiday coaching session for only 5 fast action takers. I had been cringing on the inside for such a long time, ladies. Why? Because I wanted to invest in more  than courses. I wanted to finally invest in my first coach. Unfortunately, I had to pass on quite a few opportunities with others simply because I could not afford their one-on-one coaching services at that time. So, when I saw Alisha’s ad and saw the investment was in my range…..y’all! I just knew I had to jump on the opportunity!

I’m SO glad I did because she allowed me to put together everything I had been learning for six months about how to be visible as an entrepreneur and how to build a brand that would serve others and allow me the freedom I wanted to play all the roles I need to in my life. It means so much to be able to talk to a like-minded individual who’s been where you are, and knows your struggles and your dreams of making enough income to support yourself and your family. I am forever indebted to this amazing boss lady who showed me the ropes, and made me believe that I can indeed be an entrepreneur.

Lady Boss #5

This brings me to an awesome lady boss I found through surfing on Pinterest (anyone else guilty of spending waaaay too much time on Pinterest?). I came across some articles about advice for bloggers, content upgrades, how to grow your email list, and a lot more. Again, I got sucked into the world of another incredible lady boss--Melyssa Griffin of The Nectar Collective. What attracted me to her? Well, the value she provided in each article I read was insane, and I could tell she was a real person. She wasn’t just looking to make money, but instead, she really came across as a genuinely helpful entrepreneur.

I have attended several of her online workshops, and she never disappoints. I had heard before that Pinterest was definitely not a platform to sleep on when it comes to getting your name out there, but Melyssa was the first person that made me really believe it’s possible. I have a few of her courses on my wish list, and I can’t wait to take them and share my results with you all.

Lady Boss #6

The last lady boss that really rocks my socks is none other than Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur. I had seen her name mentioned a few times on tweets by the ladies above, but I didn’t know who they were talking about. Finally, one day, I got the nerve to look her up, and holy moly! Y’all, I took her free 10 day e-course on how to build a profitable blog, and I cannot even put into words how awesome and inspiring and valuable it is! I wish you could feel the excitement running through my veins. Seriously, my head almost exploded in joy with all the incredible content she laid out in her free e-course. I still can’t believe she put all of that content into a free course!

I started attending her webinars, following her on Periscope, and quickly joined her email list because I just couldn’t get enough of the awesomeness she pours into everything she does. I’m so grateful that I finally got the nerve to look her up. She is real. She is knowledgeable. She isn’t some fly by night operation. She’s the real deal.

So, what are some commonalities between these rock star boss ladies? What makes them rock stars? I’ll tell you: They are real. They are honest. They are knowledgeable. They are confident. Most importantly, they are not afraid to be who they truly are. They don’t see the need to be like others. They know what success means to them, and they are not afraid to go after it in their own way. These are the awesome lady bosses who inspire me to get up and grind every day.

Who inspires you? What lady bosses have you discovered that make you want to chase after your dreams with everything that’s in you?