Holiday Gift Guide for Writers

The holidays are upon us and you may be wondering what to get that oh so special writer friend in your life. Well, have no fear, my dear! I've come to save the day. I have a list here of 12 gifts that would bring a cup of cheer to any writer.

The holidays are upon us, and you may be wondering what to get that oh so special writer in your life. Well, have no fear, my dear! I’ve come to save the day. I have a list of 12 gifts that are sure to bring a smile to any writer. 

Aqua Notes

You never know when you will get your next genius idea. From experience, I can tell you that these awesome ideas have a way of showing up at the most awkward moments. As in, when you’re in the shower. So, why not head to Amazon and grab a few Aqua Notes to help your writer pal keep track of those best-selling ideas? 


Listen, you can never have enough journals. I don’t care what anyone tells you. So, stock up on the cutest, quirkiest journals you can find for that special writer in your life. Think about your writer friend’s personality or brand. See if you can find something that would fit either category. Just be sure the journals are rather sturdy. 

Stuck on what to buy the writer friend in your life? Check out this list of 12 ideas to make your gift giving a little easier.

Good quality writing instruments

Again, you can never have enough writing instruments. If your writer pal is like me, he or she may enjoy an assortment of colors or tips. Colors can help make writing fun and can be inspirational. Just remember that every pen is not created equally. Some pens write thicker or thinner than others. Does your writer pal have a preference? Find out and help him or her stock up on their favorite kind. 


Good writers read. I cannot tell you how many awesome books I read this year. Reading is an incredible experience and can help writers figure out their own writing style. If you’re not sure which specific books to buy, you can’t go wrong with buying a gift card to your writer pal’s favorite bookstore. 

Good writers read. Here are two books by my favorite writing coach, GG Renee Hill of

Gift a spot at a writing conference

Has your writer friend been wanting to uplevel their skills by attending a writing conference or workshop? Writing conferences and workshops are a great way for writers to connect, learn, and improve their skills. Find out which your friend is dying to attend and purchase a ticket. Just be sure you check the dates and make sure there aren’t any scheduling conflicts. 

Snacks and beverages

I know from experience how easy it is to get so caught up in writing an incredible story that hours pass before I realize I haven’t eaten or had anything to drink. Help out the writer friend in your life by buying an assortment of snacks and beverages that help keep his or her energy going. Bonus points if you put them in a cute, creative, and useful packaging that can be turned into something else like office decor or extra storage. 

Cute or Comfortable clothing

Many of us writers live for comfortable clothing! Instead of traditional, plain colored sweats, why not try looking on Etsy for some writer-inspired clothing items? For example, I am a lover of cute scarves and I found this really cute writer-inspired scarf that you are more than welcome to send my way. :o) If you’re really creative, you could even design your own clothing item and have it neatly wrapped for your writer pal. 

Writing resources

Maybe your writer pal is struggling with a specific writing problem. You could always look for a book to help with the self-publishing process, how to write a query, or even how to write an outline for their first non-fiction book. You could hunt or ask around for good recommendations to meet that particular need for your friend. 

Motivational posters

Every writer needs a motivational poster or two. This simple yet sleek look would look great in any writer's office space.

Every writer has their days where they could use a little extra motivation. Why not gift your writer pal with some nice motivational office decor? You could buy the prints and find an awesome frame to complete the look, or you could look for some nice canvas paintings from your favorite local shops. 

An editor

Writing a book can be rather expensive--whether you choose to go through traditional or self-publishing route. Why not help your writer friend out by gifting him or her with the money needed to hire a professional editor? A professional editor's job is to make your friend's book polished and print-ready. Not able to foot the entire bill yourself? Gather a group of friends and have everyone chip in. Trust me, your writer pal will be more than appreciative of your kind gesture. 

Professional photography

Every writer deserves to have an awesome professional photo session. These photos can be used on websites, on social media, in media kits, and of course, within your writer friend’s book. If you are a photographer, you could provide your writer friend with a mini photo shoot so they can have professional pictures they are proud of sharing. If not, you could also pay for a session for your friend. 

Writer-related games

Writers are lovers of words. Why not gift your writer pal with a writer-related game like Banana Grams, Scrabble, or Boggle? There are also plenty of other options on Amazon that help writers generate content ideas or even overcome the dreaded “writer’s block”. Some games can be played alone, while others require a group of friends. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to gift-giving. Whatever you choose to give, just remember to give from the heart. 

**I am not an affiliate for any brand outside of my own.