3 Tips to Remember When You Want to Quit


I ran cross country during my junior year of high school. Despite my improvements from the previous season, I felt like I was going to die during our Roanoke meet. It was excruciatingly difficult to run up that mountain. I wanted to run, but I was very nauseous and lightheaded. So, I sat on a bench to catch my breath. I began to think I should just quit. I felt like an embarrassment to my team and to my coach. Coach Toulson found me, and said everything was fine. I didn't have to finish. I thought about it, but decided to finish anyway. Almost fifteen years later, I'm glad I chose to finish.

You may be facing a similar situation. Perhaps you've run into a wall, and don't feel you can continue your journey. Well, here are three tips you need to remember before you commit to throwing in the towel.

  1. Remember your "why". 

Why did you choose your particular path? What about it makes you feel satisfied and fulfilled? If you don't know your "why", it will be difficult to remain motivated. Your "why" has to go beyond you. Earning a lot of money is good, but it isn't always enough to keep you happy.

2. It's harder to go up the mountain than down.

Running up a mountain is difficult, and so is our journey to accomplishing our goals. In the words of my husband, sometimes "you gotta take a step even when you don't see one". Life's blows can knock us down, and distort our vision. Hang in there anyway! You may be closer to your success than you think!

3. You may be the answer to someone's prayer.

You never know what someone else is going through. On the outside, it may appear someone doesn't need anything. Yet, behind closed doors, they may be praying for help. Your business, your service, your smile, your presence, your journey may be the exact answer they've been searching!

It's tough sometimes to keep your focus when challenges come. Yet, I hope these three tips help you move one step closer to achieving your goals. Try them, and let me know how it goes!

Photo Credit: Els