Have a Heart For Small Businesses?

Maybe you don't need to invest in any service or product. Instead, you want the opportunity to help other women read, create, and share inspirational and life-transforming content. The Writers' Lounge has a passion project and event lined up this year. With your help, we can make some serious waves in these Interweb streets, and transform the lives of readers and writers alike.


teens who write contest

Let's face it. There are avenues and spaces for us women to have our voice heard. However, teen girls don't always have those same opportunities. Here at The Writers' Lounge, we want to pay it forward by providing a space for teen girls to share their inspirational stories, poetry, and even fiction stories that take us into new worlds. We want teen girls to know their voice matters. Your donation can help us provide one special girl the tools she needs to take her writing to the next level, including a year subscription of Grammarly. 

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women who write conference 2018

If we want to become better writers, we've got to invest in opportunities to grow. This year, The Writers' Lounge will host a one-day conference for women writers who are ready to reach higher heights in their writing brand. We'll learn how to tackle our inner critic and build an authentic writing brand that inspires and transforms the lives of our readers. We'll also learn how to navigate the writing and self-publishing process. Your donation can help provide the tools these amazing women need to elevate their writing brand. 

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gift a cup of tea

Every writer needs fuel to keep the creativity bulb burning bright. Consider contributing to my Earl Grey addiction so I can continue pouring out inspirational content for you.