Listen to me, friend

I get it.

You have this AH-MAZING story that you know will help others just like you. You can see your name on the book cover. You can feel the touch of every page you slaved over. You can even smell that awesome scent that you secretly relish in when you get your hands on a new book. 

And look over there. You can see a raving fan proudly holding a copy of your book--signed with your John Handcock. 

Slowly, you pull away from your daydream and face reality.

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The problem is, you have NO clue how to organize your thoughts or turn your random streams of consciousness into several coherent paragraphs that someone will actually pay to read. You have no clue how to even find your people--the ones who would benefit the most from your story. You may even doubt if you really have what it takes to self-publish.

No worries, friend. I've been there. In fact, it took me a few tries before I finally self-published my first book. Now that I have, not only do I want to write and share more of my stories, but I want to help awesome people like you share your story, too! 


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I enjoyed every second of our session. I was able to take my scatterbrained ideas and turn them into a structured outline that I can actually see myself completing!
— Gabrielle L., Inspired Royals

here's how i can help

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book idea to outline guide

No need to fret, friend. I created the Book Idea to Outline Guide just for you. This guide takes you from the idea stage to a 100% completed outline you can work on at your own pace. You will be able to identify your target audience, generate book ideas, choose the one you want to work on now, and map out everything you need for each chapter. What are you waiting for? Get your pen ready to map out your masterpiece--and sign your John Hancock!

Investment $18

Photo courtesy of CreateHerStock

Photo courtesy of CreateHerStock

book idea to outline coaching

You've tried to go solo at writing your book, and it just hasn't been going well. Things are about to change though. You're ready to stop playing on the hamster wheel, and see your name on that book already! In 90 minutes, we'll go through the Book Idea to Outline Guide together. You'll end our session with clarity and an outline to guide you on your book journey.

Step one: Click the "click to get started" button to book your appointment + remit payment.

Step two: Wait for the email containing the coaching contract. Sign + return it.

Step three: Save your session details to your calendar + attend your session on time.

Investment $96


Coaching isn't right for you  if:

- you're not ready to put in the work to write your book

- you'd rather consume information instead of applying what you've learned

- you want to make excuses for why you can't write your book

- you're not ready to make the financial commitment to get the help you need

Coaching is right for you if:

- you have a nonfiction book idea

- you don't know how to structure and organize your thoughts

- you're tired of not being able to make progress with your book

- you're not sure which writing strategies to use

- you are ready to put the time and money into making your book dream a reality


Ready to put your excuses away and create your book's outline? 

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Meet Your Coach

Hey, there! I'm JaQuette and I am super stoked about helping you discover your book topic and getting your structure on lock. We both know your readers needyour book and together, that's what we're gonna make happen. I'm here to be your motivator, encourager, and the one who gives you that swift kick in the rear when you need to get back on track. I can't wait to see you cross that finish line!