Teens Who Write Submission - India M.

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Oftentimes, our passions in life are rooted in our childhood. That joy we feel creating new recipes or the rush of emotions we experience as we  create a new world of characters can give us a glimpse into what we may be called to do in life. This is how India feels. She's a sixteen-year old writer who first fell in love with writing at the age of eight. She quickly learned that stories and poems provided a sanctuary for her. It was through writing that India felt she could express her thoughts and emotions in a personal and artistic way. India is often inspired by colors, memories, sounds, and everything in between. The following three poems, "Who Are You", "Dark Places", and "Worth", were all inspired by India's coming of age experiences as well as the beauty and bravery of the teenage girls around her. She plans to continue pursuing creative writing as an adult. 

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Who Are You?

Do you know who you are?

Stripped of the facades, bare of the inhibitions

Whispering delicacies into the palm of their hands

If your mouth spoke truth alone how many lives would you save?

How many empires would you watch rise and fall?

Dancing, running, through endless fields of art and darkness

You weep because your soul is weary 

My love, you are more than you know

You smile because you are alive

My love, you are more than you know:

You are alive
You are alive
You are alive

Falling asleep atop a hill of grass

Dreaming under a blanket of stars

Even though you try you cannot measure your worth by the number of stars in the night sky

There are not enough.

Look at your hands:

You have built all of this with your very own hands

Return to the honesty and fearlessness your body originated from

And tell me, once more, do you know who you are?

Dark Places

What are teenage girls
If not colossal mountains
Wishing desperately to be the sky?

Simultaneously self-absorbed
Yet entirely unaware of their greatness
And so afraid of being misunderstood,
And feeling shame, and crying on the train,
And crying in class, and men,
And violence, and vulnerability,
And making mistakes, and not being themselves,
And rape, and love,
And all of the dark places

Forgotten girls litter the concaves
Of my mind and the curves of my body
I shed their thick skin and fire
For daintier versions of myself that are
Much more digestible

And what are teenage girls
If not something to be digested?


You are complexities
And a river of veins
Running together and pulling apart
Melodrama is a question
And the answer is between your lips
They told you not to be so blue
So you became the entire sky
Because letting them win
Is worse than dying
You should know better by now
But you don’t
And yes, they’ll all remember you
As the girl on the dance floor
That laughed at flames
And spun patterns in the ashes
But you are worth more
Than a memory
You are more
Than a girl with frail wrists and shallow tears
You are more than a firecracker
Too quickly faded out
I’ve seen it in your eyes
And you’ve felt it in your heart

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