Teens Who Write Submission - by Camille

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"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward."   Psalm 127:3 ESV

Oftentimes, children are overlooked and discounted because of their age. Yet, our great nation is showing us that children are watching our actions and lack thereof. Children are observing the effects of gun violence, racism, and sexism. Yet, they are doing what many adults don't have the courage to do. Our youth are standing up and speaking out against injustice. They are showing us the power of their voices, collectively and individually. This is what the Teens Who Write Contest is about--providing a platform for youth to fearlessly use their voice through writing. In this week's article, The Writers' Lounge is proud to present the work of Camille, an incredibly talented young writer. 

Camille is a fourteen-year-old student who attends an all-girl boarding school. She plans to major in chemical engineering and minor in biomedical sciences. Her MLK 'I have a dream' Interpretation piece was inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. and the hardships that America is facing in terms of race. Her Identity vs Society piece was inspired by her observations of how middle schoolers behave when alone versus when they are being judged. Her We as Women piece was inspired by all the powerful women in her life, including her mother, female family members, and fellow female classmates at her boarding school.

MLK “I have a dream” Interpretation (2018)

I am melanin.
I am the fear of police.
I am Trayvon Martin,
Kaladaa Crowell and her daughter
And Eric Garner. 
And sometimes I wonder if
I will be next.

I have a dream,
To be openly prideful in my race. 
To defy
The exception to society.
Not to be seen as angry when expressing emotion. 
Not to be underrepresented in the media. 
Not to be quietly discriminated for the color of my skin. 

He had a dream.
That we would all be equal.
That we could sit in this room as we are today,
Joyfully joined together. 
That we could speak without prejudice and bigotry and heal the wounds of the past. 
Together we have accomplished and honored his dreams,
And together we can accomplish so much more. 

Identity vs. Society (2017)

Forever is the illusion of now;
A wish to which there is no guarantee.
Society contains a secret vow,
Of who you are and who you are to be.

A chain chang’d by popularity,
We are forced to join the masquerade.
We obtain no knowledge of clarity:
To find who we are laws are disobeyed.

Identity is found in many ways.
Taking life by the reins is the first stage,
Being yourself will set your heart ablaze;
It is up to you when to disengage.

The triumph for those who complete this task,
Is much greater than anyone could ask.

We as women (2017)

We as women
Were told to stand down,
To make babies,
And to clean the house.

We as women
Are judged by our clothing,
Paid less than men for doing the same job,
Expected not to defy Society’s

We as women
Will stand tall,
Defying those laws,
Changing where judgment is placed,
And getting the money
Everyone knows we deserve.

We are powerful
-not powerless-
We create life
Where there is none.
We give off the spark
That turns into a raging forest fire.
(And just so you know,
We will not be contained.)

Enjoyed these wonderful responses to this year's Teens Who Write theme (We Matter)? Feel free to share your reactions to these pieces below in the comments section. Also, be on the lookout for this year's Write. Reflect. Create. writing challenge, which will begin in April.