Keep Hope Alive

TWL keep hope alive.png

The world keeps spinning no matter how you feel. Waves crash into your temporal flesh, yet the Earth is not shaken. Poverty squeezes your air supply while unconcerned souls stroll by. Death holds a loved one hostage, and mankind doesn’t skip a heartbeat.

The world keeps on spinning--with or without you.

Life doesn’t have an “easy button” or built-in “time outs” when you need everyone and everything to pause. Life goes on. You must learn to grope through the dark, trusting that light is in the distance.

You have to keep hope alive. Even when no one encourages you, or sees through your artificial, plastered smile, you must keep hope alive.

The craziness of life seems more manageable with at least one person who “gets you”. Yet, rarely will someone hold your hand for the long haul. As compassionate as people may be, we still find a way to make every situation about what we are going through.

Truth be told, many people are immune to sob stories because they are unaffected. They have their own set of challenges. Your story about weight struggles and financial instability sparks conversation about how they struggle with their children or with keeping a clean house.

Whatever happened to slowing down long enough to simply listen? What happened to being our sister’s keeper?

We live in an age where “I” seems to matter more than “he”, “she”, or “we”. “I got mine” attitudes permeate our heart and our relationships. Egocentrism abounds.

Yet, perhaps we weren’t meant to put all of our cares on our family, friends, or the lady behind us in Publix. Maybe we were designed to look to the hills and recognize God’s outstretched hands before us.

The breath in our body, and the warmth of the evening breeze as we descend from our vehicle remind us that He is still with us. He never left us. Our world may be spinning uncontrollably but God is still in control.

What about you? How do you cope when life seems to be spinning out of control? How do you regain focus? Tell us in the comments.