Instant Gratification: An Ode to Creatives

twl instant ode.png

It’s funny how so many of us enter a new realm
Not expecting to endure the pain that comes with building our name.
Somehow I’ll be different.”
That’s what we all say. 
And it never dawns on you and me how it’s the journey
Not the “one hit wonders”
That sets us apart.

Growing pains
Rage on like a woman giving birth--
And despite
The lonely days and nights
I know for what it’s worth, I must walk with my head held high.
For if
I choose not to, there’s no way I
Could ever be worthy of the title
And reward
That’s reserved for The Greats.
In due season, my time will come.
Opportunities upon opportunities lie in store for me, but
Now is the time for me to pay my dues. 

As a creative, have you ever experienced this? Did you think the world would welcome your creative expressions with open arms when you first arrived on the scene? Tell us about it in the comments below.