Expository Essay Writing Tips And Topics

Expository essay writing is very similar to an argumentative writing assignment. The main difference is that students discuss their topics using a series of facts, figures, and data (depending on the subject matter) and interject little if any personal opinion. It’s generally taught to students in high school but some curricula might incorporate it as early as middle school.

What Is An Expository Essay?

Just as the word suggests, an expository essay should attempt to clarify an idea by explaining it using reliable information that cannot be disputed. The tone should remain relatively neutral. One should not approach this kind of assignment to convince a reading audience.

For example, if you were writing a definition expository essay, explaining how germs are spread through physical contact, you would reference medical information from a credible organization or resource. You might want to focus on one or two specific situations (e.g., the spread of germs in children or the spread of germs in foods). You do not want to give your opinion about the matter but simply state the facts.

Many students might want to read a few expository essay examples before jumping into writing one on their own. Great places to find examples are the web, writing guides, and libraries. Another great idea is turning to a professional writing site that specializes in custom-writing different types of academic assignments on a variety of subjects.

20 Expository Essay Topics

  1. Why are certain types of music so popular amongst younger generations?
  2. If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and why?
  3. Do you think that teenagers should be given a curfew?
  4. Why do children associate only with their gender?
  5. How does one begin a career in law enforcement?
  6. What are the biggest risks of having unprotected sex in teenagers?
  7. What are the biggest causes of stress in high school students?
  8. Why do parents restrict the number of times teenagers spend online?
  9. Explain why some students don’t perform well academically?
  10. How does the legal system work to protect people in your city?
  11. What is the biggest cause of depression in teenagers today?
  12. Why do teenagers decide to “ditch” classes in high school?
  13. Why do teenage girls feel the urge to wear makeup while in school?
  14. Describe what you find most appealing about a presidential candidate?
  15. How are germs spread among children when they are in school?
  16. How does one go about developing professional leadership qualities?
  17. Why do politicians create new laws and then put them to a vote?
  18. How does dancing help reduce stress and pressure in older people?
  19. What are the mental health benefits of being active?
  20. What effects does art have in the mental development of children?

The above expository essay topics were developed with high school students in mind. However, they can be used and modified for just about any level. Need more topic ideas? Contact client support and tell us exactly what you are looking for. We’ll create a custom list to fit any assignment.